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    Crawling Text Complaint

    jpillera Level 1

      My friends,

      I'm not sure where to post this, so I will do so here.    It took me 2 hours to add crawling text to an Adobe Premier Pro project.   I'm sorry but that is disgraceful.   I need to meet client deadlines - and one way to do it is not with Adobe tools.


      I finally got crawling text to work via "Legacy" text.


      Please don't tell me how I have to now add 2 hours to my video editing workflow to satisfy someone's ego over there.    PLEASE put that so-called "legacy" (text) functionality back.


      The day you even remove that is the day I'll switch to Final Cut Pro.


      Not being able to add crawling text and scrolling credits is a deal breaker.


      This is not a "new feature."   It's a slap in the face.   Please put this back.