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    Creative Cloud Extract: Opacity is not being read into the CSS window.

    josephr19774008 Level 1

      Hi Everyone, I have a question about the CSS window in the Creative Cloud PSD Extract section. I have 2 PSDs, and in one PSD there is a text layer with an opacity of 50% on it, but in the CSS window it says font color #333333;. I created a new file and copied that same layer into that new PSD to test it, and now the font color read out is in an rgb format with the opacity at the end of it. Why does this work properly in one PSD, but not the other? Is there a way to fix this?


      Thank you all for your help with this. It's very strange that it works in one, but not the other.



      Wrong CSS read out:

      wrong CSS read out.png


      Correct CSS read out:

      Correct CSS read out.png