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    Building huge image (8ft x 10ft). Memory limits now appear. Need advice.

    dhabercom2 Level 1

      I am creating an image in PS CC 2017 that I want to print by at least 8 ft x 10 ft (about 2.4 m x 3 m) at high resolution -- high enough that a viewer standing close can see key details. I have set the resolution at 200 px/inch. When I try to save a multi-layered working file at this size, I get an error saying I am out of memory and can't save a file larger than 2MB.


      I am skeptical, but I'm not confident. I am running an early 2008 Mac Pro with 8GB memory, 7378 MB RAM available to PS, 70% designated for PS use. I also have a dedicated PS scratch disk, which PS sees with 334 GB free.


      Have I missed an obvious detail?


      Have I set my file specs too high? Years ago an expert told me that 180 px/inch is all that is really necessary to give the viewer high resolution detail, and I have followed that guideline for a long time because it seems to work. (I often set the resolution a little above 180, which is why this file is 200 px/inch.) BUT I have never worked at this scale before -- 3 ft x 9 ft has been my largest before now.


      Can I work with smaller files yet end up with high resolution in the final image? Am I missing a clever trick?


      I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.


      David Habercom

      Boston MA