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    Premiere Pro: Guiding Lines for Placement of Still Images Within Program Monitor?


      I primarily work in Premiere Pro using still images, and when I am sizing an image so it will cover the entire space within the Program Monitor, I have trouble distinguishing between the black that's within the Monitor's space, and the black of the borders outside the Monitor's space.


      The other day, I think I inadvertently selected an incorrect key, and some blue lines appeared along the borders of the image as it appeared in the Program monitor that seemed to outline the borders of the image, whether those borders were within the Monitor screen area, or outside of it.  It made the image borders easy to identify, and ensured that I would completely fill the Monitor area without my having to scale the image up too much, and I didn't have to resort to the "scale to frame size" feature, which I can't use because the images I work with have to be precisely, i.e. manually scaled. 


      Is this a familiar feature, and if so, I do I access it?  Thanks.