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    Click box Last attempt action doesn't work with smart shape button on slide


      I'm working in Captivate 9 (working for a client who isn't in a position to upgrade at this time).

      I have a multiple modules with scored simulation slides at the end of the module. Most slides have click boxes, a few have text entry boxes. Both On Success and Last attempt are set to execute shared actions. (Success advances to next slide and shows a caption on that slide, last attempt shows a highlight box, a shape with text, and a next (image) button).

      Each module has a 'ToC menu' made of Shape buttons set to "show for entire project" that can be shown/hidden as needed using an advanced action.

      The On success action always works for both click boxes and text boxes. Last Attempt works for text entry boxes, but fails for click boxes.

      I noticed in testing that last attempt worked if I was just testing the assessment portion, but previewing/publishing the entire project Last Attempt always failed. I concluded that the Show ToC shape button was a probable culprit. I verified this by deleting the Show ToC shape button entirely, when I do, the last attempt action works correctly every time.

      If I click to show and then hide my ToC, THEN the click box's last attempt works on THAT slide. I have to repeat on each slide.

      I tried hiding the Show ToC shape button 'on enter' on the slide before the simulation begins. This worked in one module but other modules where I made the same change it continued to fail. I also tried deleting the button and recreating it, last attempt still fails.

      I am at a loss. If I can't fix this, I'm going to have to remove the menu function. Which we can live with, but I'd prefer not to do. Any suggestions?


      Jenny Nilsson