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    Context-sensitive search issue (RoboHelp for Word to RoboHelp 2017)

    laurenj91177681 Level 1

      For background, my company has been using RoboHelp 2010 for Word for a long time now. Now that I'm taking over our help file, I am using RoboHelp 2017. I imported the old project into the new system and everything seems to work except for the context-sensitive search, which is extremely important. The previous owner showed me the project in the old system, and he was using K-keywords to link his files.


      He generated the output directly as a .chm previously. I am using the WebHelp to CHM output option.


      My question is: Is there a way to convert this k-keyword system into something usable in RoboHelp 2017? I can get it to work as an index within the help file, but our software will open the help file to the home topic from everywhere in the system now, instead of the relevant topic.


      I think the old method of K-keywords relied on a Microsoft Word document as a map file. Do I need a .h type map file now? Is there any easy way to "switch over" so that I can use the word document as the map file?


      Really stumped. I would appreciate any suggestions.