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    How can I fix this?


      Hello! I was wondering on how I can fix this? It's not solid and I want it to be a solid color and not the spots?




      Any one know how to? In an easy way


      Thanks in advance

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Depends on what we are dealing with,  cannot  help much without better information


          Select the item and go to appearance panel to tell you what you have selected


          Paths or group - use hollow arrow tool, option click to elect and delete the inner noise

          Live Type - Often the fonts have a companion that is not distressed so change font. Otherwise you need to outline type and do step as for paths

          Image - unembed and open in photoshop and pain in the distressed noise.

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            Ton Frederiks Adobe Community Professional

            Try switching to CPU Preview: Ctrl E (Win) or Cmd E (Mac) or turn it off in the Preferences > GPU Performance

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              jdanek Level 4

              That is the font, so not really a mistake.  More of a "grunge"variation of an existing type face.  What is the name given to this font?  How many characters do you have to deal with?  If it is not too many, you might try, on a copy, outlining the fonts > then using the Pathfinder tools, try merge or unit ( or minus front ).  Worse case, on the outlined fonts, manually remove the Whites .

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                chanaart Adobe Community Professional

                need more information:

                1. is it Vector?


                2. What font? is it Grunge font that his this look?


                Best practices is to use the appearance panel:

                Add new Fill

                and select a solid Color.


                select the previous fill and choose none.


                And you will get a solid type.


                But if the font is a grunge font you can create outline ad fill the white spots.


                Hope this helps

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                  Myra Ferguson Adobe Community Professional

                  If those are the only letters you need to fill in, you could use the Blob brush (otherwise I wouldn't recommend it--it'd be too tedious). If you want to clean up the edges, you could use Object > Path > Simplify...

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                    evoloane Level 1

                    Thank you guys for all the replies. I do not think is a font its draw from scratch i think. asdasdasd.PNG

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                      Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

                      I  am assuming it is a raster image and not vector. So here are the steps.

                      1. Trace then expand the trace. (If you have a raster selected then you will have the option to use Image Trace in the Control panel) You can get rid of most of the extra paths by making the noise a larger number. (I left the noise to delete it a different way though I was able to rid almost all of the extra paths by making the noise 100) I also made sure I ignored the white so I would not have a path for the white area.


                      2. I used my Group Selection tool to select the three paths I wanted to keep. (highlighted in yellow) I used the shift key to add to my selection. Then I used Select>Inverse to select the opposite. (the small paths) Then I delete the selected items. (the paths you do not want)


                      3. Done. If you want to clean up the remaining paths just use Object>Path>Simplify...


                      Artboard 1-50.jpg

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                        Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

                        It's paths. So select what you want with the group selection tool then inverse the selection and delete. My step 2.

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                          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If there are more than just those 3 letters, you could try and:

                          Release the group

                          Release the compound path

                          Select all , then deselect all punches (inner shape of a and o and the like)

                          in the pathfinder panel click on "Unite" (top left button)

                          Then select all and make compound path again.

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                            MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Your 2nd screenshot confirms this is vector.


                            • With the hollow arrow told hold down shift. Click to select each of the shapes you need to keep, i have highlighted in magenta and notice 3 clicks were needed to select 3 shapes for the 2 letters.

                            Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.18.55 AM.png

                            • Ctrl X to cut that to the clipboard.
                            • Ctrl A to select all
                            • Delete
                            • Ctrl F to paste in front
                            • Fill with a color if needed



                            IF you get this result


                            Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.28.25 AM.png

                            Then Ctrl 8 to make a compound path (like knocking a hole out of a doughnut) (or Smultringer if you are from Northern Europe)

                            Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.28.31 AM.png