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    How to automatically connect lines to get a matching corner?


      Here is my problem - when you create a line, it gets positioned in a 0.5 pixel, which is understandable due to how it works. So when I want to get the perfect matching corners, I need to adjust the width of each line for those extra 0.5 - however, I've nocited that XD has actually connected the lines in one corner for me!


      But I just have no idea how that happened - notice that it has only connected the lines in one corner, and I have all of them connected in one group shape, nothing is different in that regard, but I still can't get them to connect like it happened in that one case. Keep in mind, I don't have a problem to make the perfect edges by hand, but I am interested to know if I'm just not seeing how is it possible for XD to connect them on it's own.


      I also have noticed that when I'm moving the other vertical line on the right, that when I'm moving it, it gets connected perfectly like the left one, but when I let go, it goes back to what you see below. Any ideas? Is XD supposed to do this on it's own and it's just not working for me, or have I experienced some bug that accidentally did what I wanted to once?