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    Batch Rename to Lightroom Catalog Workflow?


      I was wondering if anyone out there has a workflow where you get rid of your junk photos/videos through bridge, batch rename your files for organization (also in bridge) and then import them into Lightroom? I use Lightroom and not camera raw because I have vsco film pack presets that I like to use on my photos. Does anyone have a similar workflow like this that is better than how I'm doing it?

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          wobertc Adobe Community Professional

          My workflow-

          1. Import everything to Lightroom

          2. Reject flag the files I want to delete. (In Grid view use 'auto advance' , press X to reject or Right arrow to move to next )

          3. Delete all rejected files  [PC- Ctrl+Backspace]  [Mac-  Cmd+Delete]

          4.Batch Rename  [F2   Function key 2 ]


          Bridge never gets a 'look in' and I do not need multiple programs working.

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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When you do the batch renaming can depend on how you need to rename. If you can meet all your renaming requirements using the token-based renaming in Lightroom, you can rename after the photos are added to Lightroom. But if you need to rename using search and replace on filenames, you must do it in Bridge before you import to Lightroom. Lightroom does not have the String Substitution rename option that Bridge has, and changing the filenames outside of Lightroom will break all the path references in Lightroom.