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    How to prevent Update Notifications?

    JayMan Level 1

      For a long time now, we've had mms.cfg deployed to our systems to prevent the Update Notifications appearing for staff; as we manage updates via SCCM. Contents of the mms.cfg file is just "AutoUpdateDisable=1" & we have it deployed to both System32 & SysWow64 versions of the "Macromed\Flash\" folder.


      Over the last maybe 6-12months, we've been receiving calls from staff who are still getting the update notifications occasionally. Checking the flash control panel applet, shows that 'never check for updates' is indeed set.


      Today I've received the update notification myself, so i'm expecting some calls again today...


      The popup window appears to be from the process "FlashUtil64_26_0_0_151_pepper.exe" (or maybe it was FlashUtil32_26_0_0_151_pepper.exe... didn't check, just saw pepper....).


      How can we make sure this popup stops happening for our staff?

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          m_vargas Adobe Employee



          I'll need to get some information from you to troubleshoot further.  Please provide the following:


          • Operating System, including version, of an impacted system.
          • What is your deployment procedure?
          • Which install vector (EXE or MSI) do you use to deploy Flash Player?
          • Do you run the standalone uninstaller as part of your deployment procedure?
          • Do you redeploy the mms.cfg file disabling Update Notifications with each deployment?
          • Upload the mms.cfg file from an impacted system to cloud.acrobat.com/send (How to share a document) and post the link to the uploaded file in your reply.


          Thank you.