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    Licensing and migration from CF10 to 2016




      I have a few questions.  First a little about our current setup.


      Currently we're running CF 10 enterprise on a dedicated server as a production server and a second not quite as powerful server as a test server / fail-over.


      We are moving to a cloud solution with 2 identical VMs with 4 cores each, 1 will be production and once more the second would be a test / development / fail-over server.  At first we're going to move with CF10 just to get things configured and running again but we'd like to move to the latest version of cf soon after so we can then be on the newest and most up to date software.


      My questions:


      1)  If I read things correctly we would need to have either 2 standard licenses or 1 enterprise license to cover our installation as our test / fail-over server is covered in the purchase.


      2)  I am not entirely sure why we are using Enterprise currently as I do not believe we are even using any of it's features.  What features would be lost / gained if we scaled back and moved from enterprise cf 10 to standard 2016?


      3) Are there any migration issues from CF10 to 2016 I should be aware of?