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    Masking issue


      My main priority is simply getting the video effect (asteroid) into the still picture (house). But Im having trouble getting the moving asteroid mask into the still house picture. Can someone help?


      Screenshot 2017-09-13 08.19.42.png


      V1 shows the keyframe of the mask around the beginnings of the asteroid.


      Screenshot 2017-09-13 08.19.51.png


      Here I snatched up everything that was original and could be in the still house photo (I.E. fire, debris, smoke, etc)


      Screenshot 2017-09-13 08.20.06.png


      Here is my still photo. My goal is to take that asteroid and slowly come in and destroy the house. I know I have my work cut out for me in the subtleties, but Im already struggling to even get the asteroid into the picture!