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    Cant see preview+cant make video longer than 30s


      So whenever i try to put something into a composition and into the timeline, for some reason, the display or preview is just a blank white screen. It worked in previous versions of after effects, but in cc 2017, it just started acting up all of the sudden.


      Secondly whenever i import a song or something, it always cuts it down to only 30 seconds. Even if i try to render it only renders a 30 second video. Again this never happened before.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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          Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

          Can you tell me what build you are running of CC17 as well your operating system and video card.

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            imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

            Ok. But do you make your composition as long as your video clip/music or you just make a default composition with default settings and put your music in? It seems that you make it in the second way - and that is the reason that you have only 30 sec. of your clip. So you can do that in two ways:
            1. Just put your music/clip into make new comp button - it will make a composition of exact length that your video.
            Untitled Project11111.gif

            2. Or just make sure what is the length of your clipo or clips and then go to composition/make new composition and set the time to your chosen time. Then pres ok. And put your video clips into your new composition.Untitled Project2.gif