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    Adding Effects to a clip ruins its color grade. Please help

    SilasTibbs Level 1

      Hello, I'm working with cinema DNG RAW footage from the BMCC 2.5K.  I'll have graded my footage and it will look wonderful; however, the second I put on an effect (for example, warp stabilizer), my grade is ruined. It does not matter if I drop in the effect first, and then grade, or grade and then place the effect. The result is the same.

      It seems to me that dropping the effect automatically switches my footage to the lower resolution proxy file, which causes my grade to be applied to footage of that lesser codec.

      I've tried nesting the clip and applying the grade inside the nest, and the effect outside. I also tried it in the reverse order. No matter which order I attempt...the grade does not coexist with the effect. This is ruining my edit.



      Am I committing a critical workflow/process error that's confusing the program? Is this a bug within the program? Or, is there a setting that I've overlooked?



      Please assist