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    Muse 2017.1 randomly deletes stuff

    williamm58010069 Level 1

      Just loving this new version of Muse.


      I was adjusting/working on some minor details on a less important page within this project - and since the beast (Muse) crashes so often - I save regularly (usually about every 5 - 10 minutes on average). I believe this is what we call "work flow"... (side note: this is something I've been doing for years!)


      BUT! Little did I know..........


      Meanwhile, in the background, Muse decided to delete all of the contents on my home page. ALL of it. For no reason!

      I didn't even have the home page open. And! I never even opened it tonight.


      Guess I'll have to re-write my contracts with my clientele due to your software randomly deleting my work.

      I guess it'll go something like this:

      "Due to Adobe randomly deleting hours of work, on it's own accord, we may be subject to charging you additional fees. Yes, you, the client, this is your fault"

      Is this what you tell us, your clients, when your program does this to us and we pay monthly subscriptions for your software?