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    How do I rasterize an Illustrator pattern while keeping it seamless?

    charlotten86139972 Level 1



      I have been making patterns in Illustrator with vector pieces over lapping the tile bounds so that they are seamless repeats



      Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 09.49.53.png

      The pattern sizes are too large and making my laptop crash.



      I dragged the pattern outside on to the artboard, rasterized them, and clipping mask them where the tile bounds were.. but then when i put this rasterized swatch back into swatches, the repeat is lost and the seams are visible!

      My laptop is crashing so much, (file 23MB) i have to wait about 15 seconds everytime i click something for the wheel of doom to stop...



      How can you rasterize a pattern while keeping the seamless repeats?