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    Need some flash player customization help

      Greetings folks,

      I am trying to make a FLV player that has some non typical controls attached with it. I want a play / pause button, full screen, volume, and RWD only. What I don't want is a FFW button on there due to customer request. Is this possible? If so can someone push me in the right direction?

      EDIT: Let me put it this way, I want to lock out being able to FFW through the video and only have play/pause/rwd
      functionality so someone viewing this HAS to watch the whole thing and not be able to just click to the end.

      Thanks for anything in advance.

      - Josh
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          To make this easier to explain, start with a blank flash document. In the library, there is a little arrow (almost at the very top of the library menu bar - below the x to close the library), click it, choose "New Video". name your symbol, make sure "video (actionScript - controlled)" is checked, click ok, drag that library item on the stage, give it an instance name. Now, to load your flv into this, use frame action (pasted from Flash help files)

          var connection_nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
          var stream_ns:NetStream = new NetStream(connection_nc);
          my_video.attachVideo(stream_ns);//my_video is the instance name of the new video you just created//
          stream_ns.play("video2.flv");//change this to the path/name of your flv file//

          From here, you can create the buttons you mentioned and use methods of the netStream Class to control the video. I could tell you more about all the different code to use, but it's already explained in Flash's help file - just look under the netStream class. You will need to use seek() to control the play head in the video, attachAudio() to control sound, then standard _width and _height to control size of symbol.