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    Issue with aligning Hamburger Lightbox Mobile Menu

    sonjas59361916 Level 1

      I have placed the Hamburger Lightbox Menu in mobile version of published site. I align it to the right of the mobile site on each breakpoint. In both design mode and in the preview, the menu appears exactly where I want it. When I publish the site however, all the content on the page and the boundaries of the breakpoints become loose and fluid.


      I have experimented with selecting both 'stacked' and 'scattered' positions of the same widget which helped with the rest of content flying around the browser page. Have tried pinning, not pinning etc However when I publish the site the menu pops into the middle of the browser page on mobile and not where I have placed it, although seemingly fine in design and preview modes. Please can someone help with this? I'm hoping its an obvious solution I have missed. Its the second menu I have placed and had issues with.


      Many Thanks