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    Is it possible to publish to a file rather than adobe's online link


      When publishing online in Indesign, the exported online link is only active for the time that the designer has a valid Adobe membership. I am a freelance eLearning designer, I want to create interactive PDF eLearning for education companies. But I can't guarantee I will continue my membership indefinitely. I currently have a monthly subscription, I may go on holiday for 2+ months and not renew the subscription for that time, so during that period learners wouldn't be able to access the eLearning I created for them.

      There’s another confidentiality issue, where I don’t want learners to be able to copy and share the interactive pdf link with people who aren’t enrolled on to the paid course.

      It’d be great if I could export to a file/SCORM package instead of to an online adobe link, so we could host this file on our private learning management system and so the digital learning would be accessible always, and unrelated to my personal adobe subscription.

      But from what I can see and have read online, this isn’t possible yet. Is this something Adobe is looking into for the future for Indesign? Or are they leaving this sort of capacity for Adobe Captivate. If that's the case it’d be great if Adobe could spend some more time bringing Captivate up to speed with the other amazing Adobe products.