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    Project Will Not Export




      I had a time-critical project, specifically a lyric video, I had been trying to export for the past week. Animated text is generated in AE, while the supporting footage and final export is on Premiere Pro.


      After Effects takes absolutely forever to export this project, and for the third time in a row it crashed itself mid-export - 15 hours in and with four left to go.


      Here's my original post in the Premiere Pro thread. My export settings I had been attempting are included as screenshots. I started using Media Encoder until I learned that it typically takes even longer to export and with the same results. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Neither of your posts contains any useful info, specifically regarding what's actualyl going on in your comp(s), so it's no wonder you did not receive any helpful answers. The mechanics work both ways - useful details are more likely to yield an answer that resolves the issue. You have to make an effort and tell us much more, including exact system info, footage and effects used in teh comp, possibly critical settings, crash info. the long rendering times could indicate that you are using a very processing-heavy effect like a temporal filter (Timewarp et al), Raytrace 3D, complicated particle simulations and so on and the crash could simply mean that you run out of memory eitehr because you run out of resources or use a critical memory hungry effect liek Keylight, Rotobrush and a few others. We simply can't know and a few screenshots of the output settings are inadequate.



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            alexanderw4546215 Level 1

            My apologies:



            AE Version: CC 2017 (latest update)

            OS: Windows 10 Home

            Processor: Intel i7-7700HQ, 2.80 GHz

            RAM: 16 GB

            Graphics Chip: Intel HD Graphics 630



            The project itself is about 3 minutes long, and uses a Camera. Each word has three layers, two of which using a glow effect to look like neon signs. The camera pans across all of them for the video's entirety; all the words are screenshotted below. Quality is at 1080p. Hope this helps more.


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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, it looks like my suspicion was right. most likely your comp renderer is set to Raytrace 3D, so a quick excursion to the comp settings panel's Advanced section might make your jaw drop to the flaw in awe. Also the motion blur looks rather distinct, so while there you might want to check settings for the number of samples and shutter phase. That would even apply if you were to stick with Raytrace 3D, but then of course also the detailed settings for this renderer under the options button would be relevant. should you already use the Standard 3D renderer, the culprit might be the glow effects, so consider pre-composing your camera move sans glow and apply the glow only in the parent comp. this might help a lot, it may just require tweaking and keyframing parameters to retain the look.



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                alexanderw4546215 Level 1

                It actually has been set to Classic 3D this whole time. The Glow effects could easily be the culprit - the only issue I would have with setting it to the parent comp would be due to the fact that each word is made up of three layers of the same word, with one standing in the background with no glow. (Example below: Notice how there's a softer yellow lettering that leads to the left behind the glow?)


                I will lower the motion blur shutter angle and samples to see if that makes a difference first.

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                  theangietaylor Adobe Community Professional

                  Could you use Adjustment layers for the glow? This could perhaps reduce the number of times the effect needs to be added?

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                    alexanderw4546215 Level 1

                    I ended up exporting the three-minute project into three exports spanning a minute each. It took far less of a toll on my CPU.