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    An alternate layout - move all text frames


      I prepared a book project for a regular A5 paper size - 148 x 210 mm. Now I was said that the size of a document should be a bit smaller 146 x 208. So I created an alternative layout successfully with a new page size.


      What is the problem is that I need to have all the same text frames but moved a bit to fit properly into a new layout. I cannot have new text frames because some of them were shorter, some larger, some moved a bit on certain pages and so on. This was on many pages and irregular.


      When I created a new layout, text frames are centered vertically so that there is usually 1 mm less on bottom and top from a text frame to the border of pages. I would like to change it. To have them preserve the distance from a top of a page to the text frame border and them move them manually - all at once the same distance.


      As to the text frames vertically they preserve the distance "inside" but I would like to move them all 1 mm to inside.


      When I change the size of the document the effect is the same.


      I do not see any option to do this when creating an alternative layout.


      Is there any way to move all text frames on many pages at once? I cannot move all of them, in hundreds, one by one...

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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          Did you check out the liquid layout "rule" setting?

          Check out the "Object based" rule here: Liquid and alternate layouts in InDesign



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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            For a book layout, I'd recommend using Primary Text frames on the master pages, and then flow the text into each chapter. This way, you can modify frame size and position on the master pages, and all the text reflows on the body pages.


            If you didn't design your book with primary text frames and if you are using InDesign's Alternate Layout feature and then wish the frames will reflow, you need to set up liquid layout rules prior to creating the Alternate layout to get the same result.

            InDesign Help | Understanding liquid layout rules


            If you are past these options, you could create a new, correctly-sized document and reflow the text in the current file into the new one. Use primary frames this time, just in case something else changes. You can load styles from one file to another.

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              thomas321 Level 1

              This does not help because I would need to select all frames separately and they cannot be moved to the left or right by a set length such as 1 or 2 mm when a new layout is created.

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                thomas321 Level 1

                I cannot also reflow the text as frames in my document have different sizes and when I reflow the text all frames will have the same size.

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                  thomas321 Level 1

                  But trying your solutions I found the one that works. I just did not know that I can manually change the size of a document in master pages layouts. So I just selected the page tool and then picked the border of a page and moved it to the left or right. Each border manually, the left, the top and so on. 1mm, 0,5 mm whatever I want. And it works for all pages with this layout.


                  When I had tried before to resize the document or create an alternate layout and I typed the number, for example 206 mm in page width, pages were cut automatically and on a wrong side of a paper what was not my intention.


                  So the topic is ANSWERED by me

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                    BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                    Books normally use the same sized frame on every page. We haven't seen your layout, so we can't be more specific. But from what you have told us, you did not design this document expecting a major layout change (by using primary frames or setting up liquid layout rules as you went) so there is not an easy answer to your dilemma.


                    One of the important lessons I try to convert to every InDesign student is to design as if you are expecting a major last-minute change, and prepare for it. It's too late this time, but something to consider as you move forward to new projects. It's a lesson many of us learned the hard way, so you are in good company.

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