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    Compute Lip Sync Not Working

    luissanchez888 Level 1


      So far, the compute lip sync from scene audio has been working perfectly until just now. All of a sudden when I import an audio file (MP3) and try to compute the lip sync, it processes and goes through the loading bar, but it doesn't create the Visemes necessary for the mouth movements. So far I have tried other CH projects to see if it would work in those, but it is still not working. I've restarted my computer and checked for updates, and still nothing is working. As you can see in the screenshot, the only thing that happens after clicking on compute lip sync, is that these grey bars appear on the timeline, but no Visemes are actually there :/ Is this a bug? How can I fix it?!?!?! I'm at work and have this project due! HALLLPPP!!! D:

      Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.19.32 AM.png