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    In Book Panel: Chapters show number of pages, not the page number within the book. Help?

    Matt Wallace Level 1

      I've been fighting the Book Page Numbering in trying to get a Table of Contents to work across 35+ chapters. 


      Reading every reference I can find on the forums and general internet searches. Nothing is seems to match what I'm seeing.


      I'm on CC2017 InDesign... Windows 10.


      I have yet to see an example that doesn't show the pages number incrementing in the Book Panel out to the right of each chapter. In my case, I've never seen anything other than the number of pages in each chapter shown to the right of the Chapter (Document) within the Book.


      The screen capture below shows the current number of pages in each document/chapter. In ALL examples I see, it would be Chapter 01 would be 1-4, Chapter 02 would be 5-8, Chapter 03 would be 9-11, etc.




      I've checked and re-checked "Numbering & Section Options" and synchronization and everything I can find over and over... and can't get it to change.


      We are running into some deadline issues, and it's starting to look a little bleak. After pushing to move everything to InDesign, it's even more dicey as each minute clicks by.


      If someone could help me systematically double-check things, it would be helpful.