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    "Export for Screens" Control Dimensions and Resolution

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      What I am trying to do:

      I'm trying to save multiple versions of icons in a variety of formats.

      How do you further specify controls around how different files will be saved when using "export for screens"?


      Love the new feature for illustrator "export for screens", however I'm at a bit of a crossroads when trying to specify how I want my artboards to be saved.


      I work on icons and logos that often need to be built for print and digital (CMYK and RGB). Upon discovering this feature I decided I would build my file for print (CMYK) initially, with the assumption that conversion to digital RGB would be easier than doing the reverse. I have 1 file in CMYK format and the same file converted to RGB.


      I am exporting to PDF, SVG, JPG 100 and PNG.

      • CMYK: PDF, JPG
      • RGB: PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG



      Everything works great except for the following happening to bitmap images (JPG, PNG):

      The inability to control both resolution and dimension

      • I know you can change from dimension to resolution in "export for screens", but these two things are not interchangeable, I need to be able to change them both.
      • Also each image size seems to be exported as a different resolution (not all artboards are the same size).

      A 1px transparent / white border added to the top and right side.

      • The border should not be happening for any reason as I use: Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art, on all my designs.


      What I've tried:

      File > Export > Export for Screens > Format Settings

      • Can't seem to specify resolution for bitmap images (JPG, PNG)

      File > Export > Export As

      • Can specify resolution but doesn't have the added features that Export for Screens has

      File > Document Setup > General > Transparency and Overprint options > Preset >

      • Line Art and Text Resolution
      • Gradient and Mesh Resolution

      Changing artboard sizes and document measurements (inches to pixels)

      File > Preferences

      • Couldn't find anything relevant

      Edit > My Settings > Export Settings

      • Doesn't do what I was hoping it would, but what I expected it to.

      Effects > Document Raster Effects Settings > Resolution

      • Doesn't do what I was hoping it would, but what I expected it to.


      Semi - solutions:

      Hopefully I'm missing something simple here, but I'd rather avoid a solution like: make an artboard for each size you want to export, then use the Export for Screens resolution option.


      I know I can use artboards in Photoshop which may be the most viable solution if Illustrator is too much of a hassle.


      Potential feature requests

      1. Wondering if this would make sense to be submitted as a feature request.
      2. It would also be nice if Adobe had presets for other files just like "Adobe PDF Presets" so you can make definitions for a variety of file types.


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      Final thoughts:

      If it is simply they haven't fully built out this new feature yet, or I'm not using it for its intended purpose, let me know.