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    scrollpane problem

    haasfilm Level 1
      I am having a problem with a scrollpane component. Below are links to screengrabs of the issue in Firefox. I have tested it in several browsers and the problem is inconsistent. Sometimes the loaded swf file is not contained within the scrollpane and extends to the bottom of the parent swf and is cut off. I am loading an external swf which is on the same server into the component. In the component parameters I have set the URL for the swf to be loaded. Do I need to link them any other way? Can anyone guess what troubleshooting I may need to try? Thanks for any help. This is driving me nuts.


      Not working
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          It's a known issue with the scrollpane component. The only way around it (for me) with consistent results is to use the old Flash MX scrollpane component (as bad as it is - they should call it scrollPAIN) and edit the symbols that make up the scrollbar to your liking. There are a lot of scrollpane/scrollbar components out there that seem to work perfectly and with more customization. http://www.jumpeye.com/ offers many components. Other things to try is dynamically load the scrollpane (talking about the new cs one - you have to have it in your library first - check help files in flash for more info on how to load it dynamically), load content into it, once the content has loaded (you will need action script to determine), use .setSize for the component. You can also try refresh. All those codes will be in the help files under the scrollpane component class. I've used a combination of those with little or no improvement. I ended up just using the old MX scrollpane as mentioend before.