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    In browser editor - remove unused images


      My client uses the "in browser editor" to add images to their website, however, the past images are backing up and creating a mess.  How can I, or better, how can they remove these old (unused) images from the "in browser editor" panel?


      The images do not show up in my Muse asset panel, so I cannot clean them out from Muse.




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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          You find details about this here:

          Edit Adobe Muse site content from a browser


          Click after selecting your photo.

          The old image is replaced with the image that you chose.


          When you replace an image, the new image that you select will be sized to fit the area that the previous image took up. If the new image has a different aspect ratio than the original image, it will not fill the entire area of the previous image. This may affect the visual layout of your page. For this reason, it is recommended that you only replace an existing image with another image of the same dimensions or a larger image with the same width and height ratio.



          Unfortunately pictures can only be replaced and not deleted. This could and should be maybe a feature request?

          What do you think?


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