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    Cannot deauthorize ADE


      I am running ADE on Windows 10, but can no longer download books.  The authorization is from an old email account that is no longer active and the password is lost.  I have tried to deauthorize by deleting the adept registry key with no success.  I have also tried removing and reinstalling the ADE program.  In both cases the key reappears and the program remains authorized to the old Adobe ID.  How do I clear this authorization so that I can use a new Adobe ID?

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          I have a similar question Adobe.


          I am running windows 10 and ADE loaded properly but will not allow me to open anything.  So now I want to de-install ADE and I cannot because the ADE must FIRST be CLOSED.  I CANNOT CLOSE ADE.  I chatted with customer support and they cannot help me.  their answer was to get an EXPERT.  Unfortunately that meant to be thrown over here to FORUMs.  REally you haven't answered this guys question from 2017?