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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 ESD Requiring Reactivation

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      I installed Adobe Photoshop Elemements 12 ESD on my computer since May 2015.  I use it on most workdays to create images for my library's Facebook page and website. Last Thursday, I went to open up Photoshop, and a notice popped up indicating I need to purchase or use the program as a trial.  I did click on the License button at the bottom of the box and tried to enter my serial number to activate the license and received a return indicating that the code was invalid.


      I have spoken with three people through Adobe Support (2 chat, 1 telephone).  They all did a quick search on my serial number and indicated that the serial number was valid.  Two of them sent me links to download and reinstall the program after uninstalling.  One indicated that it had something to do with the permissions on my network domain, which didn't make sense since we have not made any changes that would affect permissions for the program.


      I have now uninstalled the program and reinstalled it through the link three times, and that has not made any changes in the ability to verify my license.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to have helped.


      One of the techs mentioned that it might have to do with permissions through our domain network, but I can't see how that would cause a problem since we have made no changes to the network with regard to permissions.


      This is the only computer I have ever loaded  the software and license onto.  I do have a different (older) version of Adobe Photoshop on the laptop I use to do things for work when away.  This uses a different license (obviously).  When we bought this copy through TechSoup, we purchased four licenses.  The other three staff members have had no problem with the license disappearing.


      Does anyone have any suggestions.  Sadly, my "trial" days are counting down.





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