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    Smooth animation


      After some fabulous help from a member of this forum I have a disc that is rotating using the mx.Rotate function. However, the rotation isn't running very smoothly. The script uses steps to split the angle which started out as 60. I doubled the steps thinking that it would be smoother but instead it is just slower.

      Any help would be awesome!
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          VarioPegged Level 2
          Try setting the application frameRate to 60 or higher, then set the number of steps to 180 or higher.

          Another implementation would be to use different values for angleFrom (0) and angleTo (360) in <mx:Rotate> and control the speed via the duration, the set repeatCount to make the animation continuous.

          I'm super busy today, (this whole week actually), so I won't have time to provide that. You should be able to find samples online or in the docs as well.