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    Photoshop replacing fonts with Myriad


      I use Suitcase 7 for font management. Auto activation works perfectly in InDesign and Illustrator, but it only works about half the time in Photoshop. Well actually, the fonts are auto activated in Suitcase, so the message is getting from Photoshop to Suitcase to activate certain fonts, but the word is not getting back to Photoshop that the fonts have been activated. So Photoshop just replaces them with Myriad. And they don't just "look" like Myriad, if you highlight the text, it says it is Myriad in the character window. In some cases, I have to pay really close attention to catch when it does it. If I close Photoshop and manually activate the font, then reopen the file, everything is fine. This is so frustrating! What's the point in having auto activation if it doesn't work properly? And I can't have Photoshop changing document fonts to Myriad and not alerting me. Extensis support says it's a Photoshop problem; Adobe support says they don't support third party plugins. I can tell by other posts and threads on both Extensis and Adobe sites that I'm not the only one having this problem. However, I never see a solution. Anyone have any suggestions or ways to fix?