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    Image Fading


      Can anyone help me out with image fading.

      I have a flash file with 9 buttons, once a button is clicked eg: button 6, it will go to frame 6 which will fade in an image. Then say on this frame you click button 3, it will go to frame 3 which will fade in another image.

      Now, is there a way of displaying an image from the frame you have just come from, in the new frame?

      For example, say im on frame 6 and then click button 3 and go to frame 3, but i want the image in frame 6 to show up in frame 3.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          The simple solution is to have each of the 9 images in each frame and set to be not visible. Then, when you go to any given frame, make that image visible. If image 3 is then visible in frame 3, then it will also be visible in every other frame. The obvious extension of this is that you don't really need 9 frames, only one. Nine buttons, nine images, make the image visible when you click the button.