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    TOC Issues in Merged HTML Help

    TeachingMom Level 1
      Over the weekend I came across an issue that I can't seem to figure out despite hours of regeneration efforts.

      The problem seems to be in the TOC of my "modular" help system that uses multiple chm files merged into one master. There is one chm file that contains a TOC with one book that contains several subbooks and many topics when viewed individually. However, when this same chm file is merged into the master, the TOC loses the book format and just lists all of the topics in the order specified in the TOC of the original FrameMaker file from which it was created, but with no hierarchical structure.

      I have compared the format of this specific chm to all of the other chm files in the master and cannot seem to find any differences. Do you have any thoughts on what might be the cause of this strange behaviour?

      Kim Babinski