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    Character Rigging


      So I have been trying to create my husband's character for a while and Im just so confused on some things. Here are  some of the problems Im facing.  The head likes to float away from the neck. I tried stapling it but the neck is in the body folder so it isnt wanting to. Same with the hair. I have her hair in a layer at the very end so it wont get it the way of her body, clothes, etc. Another problem Im having, is they tell you the put the arms and hands in front so when you move them they wont always be behind your character. The only problem is if I make her arms on the top layer above the torso etc it will cover her chest. This is my first character and my third day running this software so bare with me.



      Me moving my head to the left: (Head doesn't want to attach to neck or hair)



      If I attach both layers of hair to the head it does this.)




      Here is the Character tree.




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          theangietaylor Adobe Community Professional

          The best thing to do is to set it up exactly like the template files. If you start with the Chloe template and just replace the layers with your own (keeping the naming structure and order intact.


          however, as you have already created it, use this screenshot as a guide on how to arrange and set up your layers. Notice specifically the Crowns, make sure you have a crown on the character group and the other independent groups such as arms and facial features , as in the illustration.


          Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 13.08.38.png

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            karshaforever Level 1

            If I put the arms on top of the body layer, it looks like this. They go over her bust.4.JPG

            Looks like the neck is on the same layer as the whole body. So Ill be merging that down.



            For the hair, Chloe's hair is short enough to where they put it above the body layer. I cant do that or I get this.


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              karshaforever Level 1

              Also when the body isn't "+" independent, it wont let me thumbtack the bottom so she wont fly everywhere. Basically the body is moving with the head. When I turn my head left.



              The new tree

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                oksamurai Employee Moderator

                1. You did the right thing removing independence from the Body group. Now select the Body group (not the Body BG layer) and add the fixed handle(s) there and it should stick.


                2. For the hair, see how Cassandra is set up at http://okaysamurai.com/puppets/ - should give you a good example of how to add background hair.


                3. For the arms, you have to decide if you want them to be in front or behind the torso. If you didn't want the bust overlap you could either a) cut out the overlapping parts, or b) make the bust layer above the arms so they appear behind it.

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                  karshaforever Level 1

                  Comming back with another question. I looked at the bussiness lady with the coffe cup but it didint really help me. When I include her staff it pulls on her face or her arm doesnt move with it. I needs to be above the hair and face so it wont be hidden by those things. Any suggestion. The hand that holds the staff and the hand are both in the staff folder.



                  If I have it in it's own folder away from the main character folder then it does this.




                  Hand is detached


                  Here's my tree.

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                    oksamurai Employee Moderator

                    Like before, you kinda have to pick now if you want the hands (and anything associated with them) in the front of back of the character. Currently there's not a great way to attach things outside of the head and body.


                    The best thing I can think of is something like the guitar setup here where the hand and arm for the guitar neck are separate layers and the guitar is sandwiched between - you might be able to do that with the rest of the character, not sure.


                    Character Animator Tips & Tricks (December 2016) - YouTube

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                      karshaforever Level 1

                      Im so sorry. I have another question. I started rigging another illustration of mine but here whole face is tilting when I move my head. Her head isnt tilting, just everything in the head.



                      My tree


                      Im sorry Im bugging you guys a lot. I really like this software but at times it gets a bit confusing.

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                        oksamurai Employee Moderator

                        First, I'd make the eyes not independent (remove the crown icons).


                        Second, something seems to be holding the head in place - what's the 1 handle that is in your background group? My guess is removing that will solve it and make the background move as well.

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                          karshaforever Level 1

                          The BG Body? Those are just fixed points so she wont move everywhere.


                          My tree now



                          What she does

                          It fixed the eyes but her hair doesn't really move on its own, like side to side. It's more the shoulders moving with it.


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                            oksamurai Employee Moderator

                            Oh, I was saying the layer "background" inside the head group has a "1" next to it in the puppet panel, meaning it's been tagged with something. I was wondering if that was throwing it off.


                            You can also make the head tilt more by looking in your behaviors and adjusting Face > Head Tilt Strength.

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                              karshaforever Level 1

                              Is there anyway you can pivot the head and not the whole body. With my other character it the head pivots pretty nicely now but this one not so much.



                              When she turns her head it doesn't look too bad.



                              Her on the other hand.


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                                oksamurai Employee Moderator

                                Adding a fixed-tagged handle or stick in the Body should help keep it in place more.