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    Error: "There was a problem creating your interactive prototype (error 22)" [Windows 10]

    jc_xiaobao Level 1

      My file is 36.1 mb and the error occurs immediately after I click "Update Link" or "New Link."

      error 22 adobe xd.PNG

      Adobe XD could upload prototypes online fine just a week ago.


      I've tried restarting my computer (Windows 10), restarting Adobe XD, signing in and out of Adobe CC, deleting the prototypes already uploaded and reuploading the current one, and even tried uploading from a Mac computer but none of these options work.


      Please help.




      EDIT 1: I'm now thinking that the size of the file (36.1 mb) might be the culprit as I tried uploading a blank prototype and it worked just fine. If size is the issue, what are my options?


      EDIT 2: It was definitely the size. I split the file in half, after some editing, and had no issues uploading a 16.7 mb file. 20 mb seems to be the cap. Is there any way around this size limit?


      Edit 3: Nevermind, it wasn't the size of the file. It was the length of the web window (took up the entire length of the page) I was designing in that was causing Error 22. Guess we can't use long web windows.