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    Indesign server 2017 LBQ

    Mi_D Level 3

      Hi All


      Now i am try to process the file throw LBQ but it show below error


      executing request http://localhost:12345/com.adobe.clover.application/api/idsqueue/EnqueueJob?jobName=proces s&queueName=Default&scriptName=F%3A%5CJob%5CQET%5CscriptQET%5C%5CExecuteInDesignScript.vb s &priority=.5&maximumRetryCount=3

      org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException: Internal Server Error


      Before run i had executed clover.cmd and startup-indesign-server-CORBA-4instances

      start ^"InDesign Server - Port 12345 - IOR1^" cmd /C InDesignServer.com -port 12345 -pluginpath server\corba -iorfile %IORFolder1%\ior1.txt


      when i manually  copy past the url it open the page

      I there some thing i missing in configuration




      Subhendu Das