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    Slideshow won't adjust to browser-width after updating 2017.1 version

    hendrik.reichling Level 1

      Hey everybody,


      since I updated Muse this morning, the layout of my "converted" side shows this white box next to my slideshow (Screenshot 2) that previously adjusted to full browser-width (Screenshot 1). It must be a bug connected to the version update (2017.1) because I didn't change a thing after opening the page in Muse this morning, screenshot 1 is taken from my test-url (www.laborreichling.de) and the (same) page works fine there - screenshot 2 is taken from the Muse Page Preview and shows a white box next to all images.


      It seems that the pictures in my slideshow now only adjust the the width of my largest breakpoint (1200px), however breakpoint animation >1200px in Muse shows a different picture (see screenshot 3). I checked previous topics related to this and this isn't a new issue, its just that the suggested options in other discussions won't work for me:


      - hero image is set on "adjust to browser width"
      - slideshow option is set on "fill frame proportionally" (translating from my German version, not sure if its the same wording in the English version...)

      - I added a blank page and pasted the slideshow - there is still the white box, pictures only adjust up to 1200px


      I tried a workaround with very large breakpoints, but that always causes new problems somewhere with my "responsive" design...

      Note that the white header-box as well as the dark footer-box (not in the screenshots) from my Masterpage both do adjust to browser-width, only the slideshow doesn't!


      I added a reduced version of the .muse file (2017.1) in the following dropbox-folder:

      Dropbox - X - Adobe Muse Filesharing 


      I would really appreciate some advice for solving this issue!!!







      Screenshot 1 - how the initial page (previous Muse Version) looks online www.laborreichling.de

      Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-15 um 12.38.32.jpg


      Screenshot 2 - how the same page looks now on Muse preview after updating to 2017.1, white box on the right side

      Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-15 um 12.37.25.jpg


      Screenshot 3 - animated breakpoint beyond 1200px in Muse still looks fine in 2017.1

      Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-15 um 12.45.50.jpg