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    Droplets with CS4 W7 2017 Sept

    Michelmnr Level 1

      Hello, I am searching the reason/s why my droplet 'At times' will not communicate with PS.

      It's strange, It will cease to communicate after a few rounds of doing it's job. (in my case Reduce 70% with adjustments). I tried a few fix without much success, but discovered that when this happens if I close and restart PS CS4 I'm good for another round!

      Perhaps someone has an idea of what is happening.

      I remember reading something about 'socket' closed (I think) A little too deep for me. But I thought if this was the case it would take more than restart the pgr, would I be right in this?

      As long it continues to work this way I don't mind too much, yet would prefer that it did not happen.

      Actually I thought it was a few rounds, But I think now it let me do only one batch and next time there is no communication.