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    Jump up into the air


      I have a character that I need to be able to jump up into the air.

      The problems I'm seeing is that I have two fixed points on the ends of the feet in order to keep them grounded when the head is moving. But at some point, I would like to add a dragger, maybe near the bellybutton, to simulate them jumping.

      For now, I don't need the pre-movement, knee-bending, just a simple moving the character up and down.


      Any thoughts on how to do this?

      Thanks in advance,

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hmmm. I'd probably do some kind of triggered character swap - a standing body and a jump body, where the standing one has the fixed legs and the jumping one is a totally draggable character (draggable added to the top level puppet like I do here: https://youtu.be/ja7bVr4kHCU?t=8m47s ). I think that would work at least!

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            aforetaste Level 1

            Wow, I'm humbled and honored to receive a response from you, Dave.

            And one that works! Great idea.

            Many thanks for the answer, your time, and a great piece of software!

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              Lupillo Arellano Level 1

              I've gotten around the need to add fixed points on the feet to keep the puppet "grounded"...


              My puppets have two fixed points on the torso area, at about where the belly button would be (two fixed points on the sides of the puppet, where the "love handle" areas would be). This allows the puppet to still have a slight movement to the upper body (while following the camera actions) and at the same time keeping the legs/feet planted firmly on the ground. In this way I can arrange the legs/feet with draggers into any shapes I want (for example, a "Michael Jordan" jump into the air). Once I have the recording done as I need it, I then import it into After Affects where I have the puppet move around the screen as needed (to simulate the jumping).


              Character Animator is used for making the recordings of what would happen in your animation... like an actor on a green screen. Then, in AE you create the actual movement like when an actor on screen jumps into the air to fly- he or she isn't actually jumping, but the jumping/flying is done through AE special effects.

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                Hi i want to let my puppet jump into the air and land but i dont know how to do it? You have some tips to do it?

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                  alank99101739 Level 5

                  Just to include another option (not a better one - just a different one!), I do the AE approach to move the animated puppet, but inside CH. Its a bit clumsy, but works if you dont have AE (or as for me, AE is too slow).


                  You can record a “drag” of the X and Y properties by arming them and then dragging the property value up/down In the properties panel. (Put mouse on it and drag mouse up/down or left/right or both.) It helps having a bigger screen and so move distance you can move the mouse.  But you have to record the X value and Y value separately (ugg).  It would be nice to be able to record Position X/Y values using a dragger, or have a JoyStick like control maybe (so you can adjust the rate of change of X and Y at the same time when recording).  But basically I do all the other animation and positioning of the character first (like what you would do if going to embed it in AE), then once that is right use the Position X/Y and Scale properties to record a take of moving the puppet.


                  If you want a smoother flow, and (near) linear is okay, then you can record the end value and do a blend. But that is hard to make do curved paths.


                  As I said, this is not a “better” approach, but it does work.


                  The other one if you want more natural gravitationally correct paths of motion is to use Dave’s trick of different puppets, where you mark one up with gravity and collisions etc. The particle system does do a better job of realistic arcs of motion than I can do with a mouse. I find the recording lag on my laptop too hard to get a clean performance recording.