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    Transferring drawings from one Creative Cloud account to another




      I have been making drawings on my iPad with the free mobile Creative Cloud apps (in this case Adobe Illustrator Draw) under the free Creative Cloud account that I opened with an old email address.


      Today I subscribed to the paid membership and I am trying to finalize these drawings in my iMac with the full Adobe programs, however, I opened this paid Creative Cloud membership/account with my current email address and it seems that I can't transfer the old drawings from my iPad which I made with my previous email address (probably because the system thinks it's another CC account?). Is there a way I can transfer these old files to my new current active paid account?



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Diego.


          I was just helping someone with this yesterday so I have all the instructions handy.


          To get work from an OLD account to a NEW account can take a bit of time if you have a lot of work in Draw, but it's relatively easy. You can do this partially from the app and partially from a web browser. Here's what to do:


          * From the Project view in the app choose the project you want to share (you should be able to see all the drawings in the project and you shouldn't be able to see all your other projects)

          * Tap the Share icon (square with an arrow) in the upper nav and choose Share Link to Project

          * Copy that link, paste it in a browser, and then use your NEW CC account to open that link. When it opens click the Save link in the upper right hand of the screen. That will save the project to your NEW account. It's going to take a minute or two for the project to sync back to your device, so be patient and keep the app open. 

          * Once you can see it on your device you'll be able to open it and work on it as if it was created in your NEW account.


          What I would suggest if you have a lot of work is to move things as you want to work on them. They can sit in your old account as long as you'll still have access to that old email address (if you won't, then go ahead and move everything now.


          Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any trouble.