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    File wont export correctly


      I've been creating a project for a few months now and I've finally finished and begun exporting the files. The first few files exported fine and were encoded perfectly but one file which seems to have identical settings isn't exporting and can't be read by adobe media encoder when I attempt to encode I get this message:


      The (file) could not be imported. could not read from source. Please check the settings and try again.


      Once again other files with the same format and settings (I think) export  and encode fine but this one doesn't i've been searching hours attempting to find a concerning difference between the files that might cause the issue but I can't find anything.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated the problem is urgent because I have a deadline to meet.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Check the path you have set for the SWF in Publish Settings, also the name of the file.


          Are you able to do a Test Movie? All video exports start by making a SWF, if that part fails the video part will fail too.


          If you uncheck the send to Adobe Media Encoder box, do you at least get an MOV?

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            erice56402645 Level 1

                 Hey thanks for the advice, however the path and name of the file are near identical to all the other files that have worked and I've even tried renaming it just in case but that didn't work. I am able to test the movie perfectly with no issue however whenever i export problems arise. even if i unchecked send to adobe media encoder the file i get is unreadable and i dont get a usable mov. I'm very confused myself and the only issue I could see would be something in the file itself bugging it out.


                 I there a way to restore the default export settings on the file? It's looking to me like the only option left is redoing the work but i'm on a time crunch and i'm not sure that would solve the problem. Also I've yet to export all of the files in the project because they are not completely done and i'm concerned that some other might have the same issue.


                 Also are there some settings other than publish settings? the settings there are identical to the other files that have encoded successfully. 


                 Once again thank you for your help.

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              erice56402645 Level 1

              I've come back a few seconds after I made that post to let you know I solved the problem, i had accidentally left the camera go on for thousands of keyframes after the animation stopped and that seemed to have bugged it out.

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Good to know, thanks for reporting back.