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    Prevent Muse From Setting "Height" On Parent Div

    anthonidas Level 1

      Hello community


      I have a little issue but with huge repercussions on the website! I'll explain:


      I have created a muse widget. Basically it is a dynamic gallery that is populated by an AJAX-PHP script. That means, that the height of the gallery is not known as long as the website is not exported.


      My problem is, that every time I drop my widget into muse, it sets up a fixed heigt value (in px) for the parent div containing my widget, even tough my widget is declared as responsive. (If I am right the responsive flag only allows you to manage a responsive width and not a height. Is that right?)


      Now, I have done some tests and I've found out, that if I go to "Object - Insert HTML" and drop my HTML code inside, Muse creates a parent div with a "min-height" value instead of the fixed height I told before. I like that! This does not affect my gallery...

      How can I reproduce that behavior with my widget? (I've created that widget for my company, so it will not be an option to tell everyone, that they have to manually create an HTML Object every time they want to use that widget.)


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance