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    Font problem in AnimateCC (and only AnimateCC)

    Hurlyburly Level 1

      I'm using the font Blocked In (Blocked In Font | dafont.com ) on a project. This font behaves normally in every program (illustrator, photoshop, older versions of flash..) EXCEPT for Animate CC. In Animate, it behaves very strangely- for example, spacebar doesn't insert a space. I messed with some options and if I set the 'Anti Alias' to 'Use Device Fonts' the spaces appear, but it causes all sorts of other strange behaviors (text boxes no longer change to fit text size, spaces disappear if I click to edit the text and reappear when I deselect the text box, ect).


      Does anyone have a solution that isn't manually spacing out my text or importing from illustrator? The videos I'm working on are both very lengthy and text-heavy, and the person I'm doing them for is pretty attached to this font. Or is there a problem with the font itself? And if so, is there a way I can go about fixing that on my end?