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    Road Map PS and Quadro Support




      i ask 2 or 3 year ago already if Photoshop will full support Quadro Card for everything, i got the answer that not all functions will be done by the Videocard like lightning.



      I have the proble mthat my K4200 need the same time to render a 3D Model with high transparence  or many reflections and i can see that the work will still doen by my CPU and NOT GPU.


      Is it possible to get any information about that or will this be never come to make sure users can work with a standard card ?


      My point here is that the user should have the option to say where the work needs to be done because PS is for me a Software for Proffessionals and when i buy a 3D optimiezed videocard a Professional Software should use this full and not only for some function which is still the case.
      Or Adobe should add an detection for Quadro card and when one is detected use this one and should not use the CPU anymore for rednering.


      Thank you