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    Print Dialogue Box Unusable in Photoshop

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      I have ran into a really annoying problem with photoshop cc on PC (Windows 10)


      When trying to print something the print dialogue box is so slow you think the programme has crashed. It hasn't each action eventually happens but it can take up to a minute to for instance go from portrait to landscape, or pull up the printer properties or do anything.


      I have an umber of printers installed, it does it for any printer and it only happens in photoshop, no other programme from CC or anyone else displays this behaviour.


      Its so acute, I have given up printing in photoshop, everything takes far to long. I have no idea when it began but I don't have any anti virus installed which seems to be the goto position with people when something goes wrong.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Are all your printer device drivers up to date. Have you tried switching printers. Like try Microsoft XPS Document Writer or Microsoft to PDF. just to see it the interface is any better.   I find that the communication between My printer and Photoshop is not the fastest. Printer Device diver on my machine communicates with the printer to get the ink levels and perhaps paper size.  My printer is a Epson 4800 and it is on an other machine in my home. Its a Gbit connection between machines still it a remote machine and remote printer. My machine is also running Windows 10 Preview and the machine the printer is on is running the current Windows 10 version.  The Paper size and orientation is also not being save on my machine by Photoshop for this remote printer but it does remember that information for my cheap HP network printer. I think at one time my Photoshop did remember the Epson settings. What this means is If I print one my Photo Printer If I'm not printing on 8.5x11 portrait  I must use the printer setting button which will communicate with the remote machine and printer.   All in all it does not take a minute sill it seems like a long time.   For it three phase 5-10 seconds the get the Printer driver UI up, 5-10 seconds select the saved setup in the driver. 5-10 Seconds for Photoshop to reflect the changes.So I see it more like a 15-30 second delay not a minute.  I will try other PS versions.