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    button question

    redsox05 Level 1
      I have a mc that I want to use as a button. It is for an image.On click the image grows.
      on (release) {

      I want after it grows to click it again and it shrinks. Now when I click it again it replays the grow animation.
      on (release) {
      I realize it is doing this because it is the same mc but I don't know how to fix it.
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          redsox05 Level 1
          figured it out.

          tiger.onRelease = function(){
          if (tiger._currentframe==1){
          } else {
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            Shandy Elliott Level 1
            I'm glad you answered your own question because it didn't make much sense. Looking at your new code, what is swapping depths, and why such a random depth number of 10480000? I don't see how your new code would gets the results I think you want. You really should use the Tween Class for this to get a smooth transition between growing and shrinking.