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    Video card thoughts: maybe WX7100 vs Adobe list

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      Looking to buy a new system which will see intermittent use with CC products. Fast is nice but this is not a full time activity. I have one system with an NVIDIA M4000, which is perfectly fine, but being a pessimist I want an entirely different video card. The pessimist in me feels that if there are GPU driver issues, then going to the other machine should give the best chance of being OK if there is nothing in common.


      My preferred supplier offers a range of NVIDIA and AMD cards. I have no experience with them but work on the ‘bigger numbers/bigger prices better’, and so I’m wondering about the 8GB AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100. My main concern is that it does not appear on https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/photoshop-cc-gpu-card-faq.html, Adobe’s list of supported GPUs. This lists only AMD W* cards not WX* cards.


      Any comments on the card and idea?

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          In the video segment Adobe's preferred partner seems to be nVidia. That's no guarantee against buggy drivers of course. All else aside, the Quadro and FirePro lines are both marketed primarily for CAD, which is all business and no play. It seems to be a lot closer to the Photoshop world than "Rising Storm 2: Vietnam". And then there's 30-bit color, which, well, is kinda nice even if not particularly necessary.


          The reason WX is not on the list is probably because it's stratospherically overkill   Looks incredibly cool, though. I might be tempted just for that: