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    Very Simple Overtime Calculation (based on a varied hour work week)


      I have a timesheet form that adds and populates based on a varied work week.  Normal work week hours can vary by each employee.  I want to auto-populate three boxes "Total Hours", "Regular Hours" and "Overtime Hours" based on whatever is entered in the "Normal Hours" field.


      ex: if "Normal Hours" = 37  and "Total Hours" = 55, "Regular Hours" should read 37, "Overtime Hours" should read 15.

      ex: if "Normal Hours" = 37  and "Total Hours" = 35, "Regular Hours" should read 35, "Overtime Hours" should read 0.


      This reply was spot on, except my sheet is not based on a standard 40 hour work week. It could be 35, 37 etc.


      Basically, "Regular Hours" should be <= Total Hours but cannot exceed Normal Hours.


      I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this.