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    walk cycle issue


      hi everybody,

      i am new to aca and i am working on my first chraracter.

      it seems that everything works pretty good (for the first time) but the walk cycle does not.

      i do not realy know what i do wrong...i followed some tutorials and looked at the maddy psd file and puppet file.

      i have different views, frontal, right quarter and left quarter. when i turn off the layer for frontal and left quarter view

      and then go to the record tap and press the right arrow key the chracter walks...but only on the same place.

      if i leave the fontal layer on and deactivate the other layers(as it is in the maddy example) the walkcycle does not work at all.

      i also recognize that the left quarter walk does not work either.


      do i need to setup left and right arrow keys or does the walk behavior that automaticaly.

      any help or hint would be fine, i put a link to the .puppet file of my character.


      thanks a lot



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          toxic_monkey Level 1


          i solved my problem last night.

          just to let you know:

          my sideview layers are named "left quarter" and "right quarter" but only "left profile" and "right profile" is recognized by the

          walk behavior. so i tagged my quarter views as profile views in the puppets properties.

          i also forgott to set the body speed to 100%......


          thats it, easy to fix and everthing works fine.


          thanks a lot