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    embedding google maps in document not working



      I'm trying to embed a map I made in Indesign for a book I'm writing.  It took me hours to make this map, so I really want to make this work.


      I've tried to copy and paste the embed code google gives you.  I got a java script error.


      I tried to use the web content overlay 2 different ways.  First I clicked on "share" and pasted the link from google maps.  I put that in the url box on web overlay.  Exported to epub and interactive pdf.  No workey.  Then I tried the same thing, but this time I clicked on the browser and copied the link.  No workey.


      Is there some magical way to get a better embed code from the page itself?  It's wierd, because I put the same code on my website and it works just fine.


      I really appreciate any help.  I've looked on the forums and I'm not alone, but their solutions were old and didn't help.