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    Editing Smart Objects

    Afterimage Level 1

      First, I have learned that in order to edit a smart object you need to have a background layer. Otherwise if you double click on the thumbnail PS goes to Camera Raw.


      So, if you have a smart object image and double click the thumbnail PS opens a PSB file that you can edit, save and the changes appear on the smart object. However, if you have applied smart filters to the smart object and open it as a PSB you do not see the smart filters but the original images. This makes editing the smart object difficult as the images are not the same.


      Is there a way to have the PSB open with all the smart filters showing up?

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          No. Not unless you rasterize the layer. That will apply the edits made in ACR... it kind of defeats the purpose. You might want to consider making the changes to the object before converting to a smart object and avoid having the image open a PSB file in the first place.

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            Afterimage Level 1

            Thanks. Most times I do not what changes I want to make until the filters have been applied so rasterizing the layer is not a good option. Based on your answer the short answer is no. Maybe Adobe will make this possible someday.


            Thanks again.